Designer Udoka Eijofor

Udoka Ejiofor is a born creative designer from Nigeria. At a young age he quickly discovered how creative he actually is. He loves painting and made his own creations that appealed to many people. Because of his passion for fashion, he decided to make a complete turnaround and to focus on designing clothes. Udoka was extremely good at it. A born talent .. A gift from God as he believes. With his mother as his biggest support, Udoka designes garments for men, women & kids. He always uses bright colors and cheerful challenging prints.With this winter evening collection Udoka wants to show that EVERYONE can have bright colors. The same applies to the challenging prints such as floral fabrics.

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*Outfits can be adjusted to size or to your liking.


Price unisex Jacket for men and women : 450 Euro

Price Winter jacket for women: 250 Euro

Price Winter jacket for women: 250 Euro

Full Suite : 450 Euro

Women Suite : 380 Euro

Same for men in suite with trouser : 450

Full Suite : 450 Euro

Designer Jacket for men : 450 Euro

Full Suite : 450 Euro

Full Suite : 450 Euro

Full Suit: 450 Euro

Full Suit : 450 Euro

Full Suit : 460 Euro

Full Suit : 480 Euro

Full Suit : 480 Euro

Full Suit : 500 Euro

Robe with Trousers : 390 euro

Robe with Trousers : 350 euro

Full Suite : 450 Euro

Robe with Trousers : 380 euro

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