S P E C I A L A N N O U N C E M E N T.🥁🎤
Fashion show producer and event manager Jerry Luxenburg is joining forces with DiversityFashionweek for our upcoming online fashion stream!


--> Diversity Fashion Week Online Runway Show 2020

We are delighted with this partnership as Jerry has an extensive background in high fashion event productions. International fairs, fashion brands and designers frequently hire him for his unique show production style.

Jerry Luxenburg won the Ethical fashion Award presented by TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany in 2018 for outstanding work for introducing art crafted and sustainable designers. So we can only imagine how fantastic our online show will be with Jerry in charge! You can find him all over the world and is proud founder and establisher of Salonè della Moda, a high end fashion event.

So if you want to see it all live in action make sure to tune in on our live stream on 1 November 2020.

More information about Jerry can be found here




We proudly present our next and last
Designer @mystic_fantasy_creations for Diversity Fashion Week Online Runway Show 2020🎉🔥
Her creations are one of a kind and her brand says it all. All the pieces are handmade and full of fantasy.
We are so excited as our visions are aligned and we cant wait to show these beautiful creations.
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Photo credits flyer : @gertkist

We proudly present our next Designer Khadija Faraj 🎉

Khadija is a professional, qualified fashion designer. She makes Moroccan dresses Caftans, Takchitas, Jellabas, and all her designs are made by hand. She does not only make Moroccan dresses but also modern clothes , evening dresses, wedding dresses and also creates fashion for men and women of all different sizes.


Last year Khadija participated in our big event with great success. Now she will come with a total new collection! Khadija always got that perfect outfit for you. Check it out during our live stream. Cant wait to see her special hand made clothing?

You can find her website and info here :

Let's welcome Natascha Breda




Last year she participated in our big show and she brought spring back. This year she will out a whole different vibe, are you curious already? Subscribe to our channel to NOT miss out.

Natascha Breda is the owner and designer of the NBO Designs label. From a young age she already has 1 passion and that is fashion. As a little girl she was already behind her mother's sewing machine or was drawing designs. After training in styling and design and training to be a Fashiondesigner she started her label NBO Designs in 2016. Twice a year a collection is released and she is currently busy with making a new epic line.

The designs are all unique and exclusive, she makes 2/3 pieces of each design so that it remains exclusively exclusive. The designs of NBO Designs are characterized by the extra feminine appearance.

You can also go visit in her studio in Rotterdam for a handmade design that is made especially for you.

She gets her inspiration from nature, especially flowers, travel, classical music, old films. People's stories, behind each design is also a story.
She thinks this is so beautiful about the creative profession, that is where you get and take on all the passion of life.

The clothing is available online via the website , also through the ETSY store of NBO Designs and by appointment in her studio.

We proudly present our next Designer Udoka Ejiofor for Diversity Fashion Week Online Runway Show 2020🎉
Udoka Ejiofor is a born creative designer from Nigeria. At a young age he quickly discovered how creative he actually is. He loves painting and made his own creations that appealed to many people. Because of his passion for fashion, he decided to make a complete turnaround and to focus on designing clothes. Udoka was extremely good at it. A born talent .. A gift from God as he believes. With his mother as his biggest support, Udoka designed garments for both men and women & kids. He always uses bright colors and cheerful challenging prints.With this winter evening collection Udoka wants to show that EVERYONE can have bright colors. Men, women, and all ethnicities.

The same applies to the challenging prints such as floral fabrics. His amazing designs are showcased at our Winter Wonder Land sneak peek edition on 1 November 2020.

We proudly present our next designer for

LET'S WELCOME URBANELLA....They are a creative team with a rather Utopian view of the world. Fatigued by broken umbrellas, and having no better solution for a wet winters day they started their investigation. Rain is one of those unpredictable occurrences in urban life where nature has her way. Often frowned upon by busy city dwellers. Through their designs they want to give people a sense of lighthearted joy as they walk through the rain uninterrupted. In the midst of climatic changes we would like to celebrate every natural shower in urban environments, depicting the graceful aesthetics of dancing in the rains.


They use recycled materials, even recycled zippers and cords. The production takes place in Italy keeping in mind the highest fashion standards. They treat rainwear like it deserves, to be worn all round the year and last a lifetime...



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Stay tuned for the most inclusive diverse runway in Europe

We are excited to welcome our next fashionable designer Duc Nguyen for Diversity Fashion Week Online Runway Show 2020! 🥁

Last year we had the privilege of having Duc in our Fairytale Warriors edition with a total ready to wear collection, now he will show his bridal couture dresses especially for our show! So all your upcoming bride make sure to tune in.


Duc Nguyen was born in Vietnam, and has been living in the Netherlands since 2004 and has had his own fashion line since 2016. With his passion for design and creativity, he makes beautiful evening dresses, the most beautiful wedding dresses and stylish business clothing. This all takes place in his studio in the heart of Rotterdam. Duc has won the first price for ' Best Gala Avangarde 2016 '. We are honored to have such a diverse and amazing designer joining our show again. More about this EPIC designer :
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DiversityFashionweek 🥂


Let's welcome our next designer for our online live stream, @stevenblancoart 🥳🔥

Steven Blanco is an independent clothing brand based in the Netherlands.

Founded in late 2017, the brand focuses on combining hand-painted artworks on clothing to produce unique and timeless items with emotional depth for anyone who loves and enjoys art.
Their clothes are created with passion and attention, they carry positive vibes and tell individual stories to spread the world.

They strive to create a space within art and clothing for uniqueness, truly being yourself in your creative mind. Away from all distractions and pressure from society’s expectation, the focus is on YOU, your identity, what you believe in and future goals.

Let's all welcome Pamela Van Stein to the Diversity Fashion Week Online Runway Show 2020 !!

Zalure Exclusive was founded in 2017 by Pamela Van Stein who shares a deep passion for Fashion and Fashion-Statement jewelry with duo promise to add drama to your everyday life with glamorous accessories.

Zalure is known for its Luxurious Jewelry Collection. They use the finest materials for their pieces. Most of their jewelry’s are hand crafted using thick layers of precious stones of the best available grade. They are very keen on details, symmetry and precision. For this edition Zalure will grace the runway with carefully selected dressed combined with their beautiful jewelry.
Cant wait to see it? Go check out the website for more information about this amazing brand :

Introducing Myra van de Korput for our online 
Diversity Fashion Week Online Runway Show 2020 

Designhoeden Myra is a Dutch brand selling handmade hats & fascinators worldwide. Started in 2004 Myra has her own studio in Barendrecht The Netherlands. She designs hats for special occasions like weddings, horse racing events, Prinsjesdag, fashionshows and photoshoots.

Her style is feminine, modern and elegant. And all hats are made of beautiful colorful materials. . She has gained a lot of knowledge at home and abroad and has since won various prizes with her hats. Her urge for free work and the need to bring more creativity into the process were the reason for developing a new technique. Hereby hats and fascinators are formed without the use of a wooden hatblock. She is now specialized in these free-form sinamay brims.

Check out her website for various one of a kind hats.
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More exciting things will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for the most inclusive diverse runway in Europe

Next up we present the amazing Josh Santana with his colorful brand Natureza Brasileira ByJosh

Josh Santana was born and raised in Brazil.
In order to contribute to a better environment, he is increasingly looking for ways to offer organic and/or recycled options regarding the fabrics. As in his opinion Ethical and
Sustainable Fashion are often used interchangeably.


Each design has a story to tell. A story about love and passion by its creator and definitely inspired by Brazilians nature. With his brand his desire is to tell a story that shows emotion, a way of life. Further most each collection will take you on a colorful journey to discover the wonders of Brazil.
Can't wait to buy your new summer outfit for next year our vacation? Check out his website and tune in on our livestream 1 November 2020!
Diversity Fashion Week Online Runway Show 2020


Let's all welcome Stephanie Willems to the Diversity Fashion Week Online Runway Show 2020 !!

Stephanie's work is often described as colorful and sometimes alternative. She finds it important to make statements with her collections. Stephanie believes that there is something unique and beautiful about every person.


In 2019 Stephanie started her clothing label Stephastique. Determined to make a positive change in fashion. Stephanie gets inspired by unique individuals and historical style icons. It's important to her to make people feel good when wearing her designs, and making them feel extra good knowing that they are wearing something that they don't have to feel guilty about.

Stephastique, a brand that produces funky handmade and custom made clothing. Each piece is made with love and ethically produced in the Netherlands.

Want to know more?
Check out her website and tune in on our livestream 1 November 2020 Winter Wonderland sneak peek edition.


Welcoming Paulina Tsvetanova, Founder & CEO of Paulina's Friends. 📢

A selfmade entrepreneur from Berlin, fashion designer, author, transformation artist, generalist, serendipity expert.


PAULINA’S FRIENDS is a serendipity workshop, a business that most often resembles a traveling circus. Born out of necessity, uncertainty and the urge for creativity, autonomy and freedom, first as a concept store in Bikini Berlin, later as a showroom in Berlin-Mitte. The missing financial resources were curse and blessing at the beginning of her self employment. So she was virtually forced to go unorthodox, unconventional ways beyond the mainstream. Its concept unfolds in the chaos of permanent change. It needs no concept, no boundaries, no focus, no goal. Above all, PAULINA’S FRIENDS owes its success to the failure and the game with happy coincidences. Pure Life!
We are very honored to have her extraordinary designs during our online fashion stream!
Make sure you visit her website for more information :


Let's welcome Els deMeersman, the women behind MarosEtti bags!



The bags are designed in Belgium and individually handmade in Italy. As a result, they prove to be timeless items, immune to the variety of fashion. MarosEtti stands for simplicity and style! Els Demeersman is an independent, fashion-conscious woman. Having worked for several years in northern Italy, her passion for Italian products and fashion has gone from strength to strength.
She devoted all of her time to major well-known Italian fashion brands - from haute couture to handbags, from shoes to jewelry.

The bags are targeted at the independent woman with a love of fashion and sustainable products. They have a classic look with a romantic touch here and there. In addition, each and every bag is made from high quality, soft Italian leather. All the metal accessories are designed by Els Demeersman and then produced by family businesses. These exclusive bags are made from Italian organic leather. Altogether, a fascinating and sustainable collection with a contemporary, modern touch.
Caring for sustainable products is not only in fashion, thanks to MarosEtti, it's now fashionable.

She quotes " I love to feel things deep in my soul. I am only able to create, when I have found peace inside myself. That’s why I chose the name ME. Only then can my thoughts and ideas flow freely. Modest and sustainable luxury, that’s what I love”.

Are you curious already? More about this amazing designer and her bags can be found on Make sure to tune in on our live stream to see how they fit well on each and every women!

Lets Welcome Designer ANNIGJE for Diversity Fashion week Live-stream-2020 

@erikknegt and @annie_sturing , 'designers from the North' and creative entrepreneurs in the arts. The first ANNIGJE bag was made 10 years ago. A planned vacation was canceled at the last minute and suddenly a new idea was born the next morning: the bag !

Within a few weeks there was material, machines, a workshop and the first bag. Then came the voyage of discovery to Art Markets and Galleries. Participation in Art Markets takes place in the Netherlands and Germany. The home base is Micksart Collectief and the bags are also available in The Hague and Barneveld, at Exhibitions in various galleries in the country and in the museum shop at Landgoed Nienoord. Many colorful ANNIGJE's have left the Atelier in recent years to a new owner. Even famous Dutch people wear a colorful creation of ANNIGJE.

All bags are still made in our own workshop and there is a men's line: ANNO. It is also possible to have a bag made on request or participate in a Workshop: Customize your own bag. An enthusiastic collaboration with Micksart Collectief has developed in Emmen. Together with Erik Knegt, their creative buddy, they developed the MI & ANN label. They transform brand jeans jackets into Art jeans. In the Gallery they have set up a extra Atelier. Both the jackets and the bags are always unique! In addition, in Emmen there is a Gallery, Ateliers and an Art Square, together 1000 m2 of Art Experience. Every 8 weeks there is a surprising new Exhibition with accompanying Vernissage. Many different Workshops are also offered at Micksart Collectief..
Check out their website for more information & / Photography by :@waldophotography












10. DFW model ARYELLE



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DFW-MALE Models 2020

All male models are from Diversity Model Agency - DMA

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