Welcome to the first online edition of Diversity Fashion Week!

A new innovation has born! Due to the spread of COVID-19 worldwide we have decided to hold a online fashion stream.

International and national designers showcased their work via our online platform. Because we are all effected by the current pandemic we find it important that designers and models can still reunite but then in a virtual way.

15 Designers :

Mystic Fantasy Creation

Khadija Faraj

Duc Designs

MI & ANN -Designers : Annie Sturing & Erik Knegt

Marosetti bags

Udoka Ejiofor

Josh Santana



Steven Blanco

Zalure Exclusive

Design Hoeden Myra

Stephanie- Stephastique



Make- up Artists

Seductive Glamor - Chef de Cabine

Sylvia Mercera

Daniela Stoeva

Vanessa Martis

Aishah Bloomingroses


Hair Stylists

Farley Maasdamme - Chef de Cabine


Kris van Laerhoven

Kymaira Ceder


Models from @diversitymodelagency-dma

DFW model Neila

DFW model Aryelle

Gaby from @division_models

Choreographer : Jerry Luxeburg

Videographer : Jean Evan de Waele

Lights and special effects during the show by Emire

Stylists ; @bfashionacadamy

Location: @efevenue - Amsterdam

Shots made by : Marcel maximiliaan schwab

During the livestream 15 designers from all over the world showed off their amazing collections in every style possible. From high end fashion to extraordinary and sustainable clothing.


Theme : Winter Wonder Land Sneak peek edition.
*The online stream fashion show is inspired by the movie Alice through the looking glass*

Backstages moments of Diversityfashionweek 2020 !!

Photos made by : Mike pasarella

Links to our event can be found here :

B A C K S T A G E S M O M E N T S ‼

📸 @mkwintera

More to come!!

We are excited and honored to partner up with the largest media platform when it comes to fashion, art and much more.
Our show will be covered by FNL Network.

After the online stream you can watch our show on the FNL app. Make sure you download the app here https://linktr.ee/fnlnetwork or via your play store.

Thank you

for this amazing opportunity and your support.


Want to know more about FNL? Make sure to check out their website http://fnlnetwork.com and tune in!

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Winter Wonderland Sneak Peek 2020 !!

A small glimpse of the sneak peek of diversity fashion week.

Catch those epic designs on our runway stay tuned for more photos.

As you may know we offer a platform for all kinds of talent and models. We find it important that everybody feels represented, no mather your shade, shape, age or if you have a disability. We are all beautiful. Throughout our shows we aspire to express to our audience a message of beauty, diversity and unity.


Are you interested in working with us? Are you a artist,designer or want to become a mediapartner/ambassador? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always open for new collaborations



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