Various shifts within the fashion world are taking place in the Netherlands.. The Diversity Fashion Week Foundation (founded by Sensemielja Letitia Sumter and Daisy van der Veen) organizes a new fashion experience during Diversity Fashion Week (DFW). From models of all sizes, shapes and with disabilities, who show that they embrace their unique beauties by wearing the latest creations from designers. By organizing this event, the organization wants to create awareness of various beauties, something that is missing on the big fashion stages. 

 Modellenland magazine 


Tune in @nhnieuws to listen to our story DiversityFashionweek
with our founder Sensemielja Letitia Sumter.
  Stephan Roest

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Interview Sensemielja Letitia Sumter

Radio Africa EU

We were honored to be present as guests at
Radio Africa EU. 


Special guests Romy Heere , Maritte van Houten.

The foundation is all about embracing
your beauty and see the real you!
We will talk about how did it all started, what we stand for ,

DiversityFashionWeek, our proud models and our respected partners. 

Tune in .. cause you do not want to miss this.

Radio Africa EU / Radio - Africa NL
 — met Marcel Maximiliaan Schwab,

Abeka Salmin AbdallahDiversity Fashionweek en Sensemielja Letitia Sumter.



DMA Diversity Model Agency at Radio - Africa NL / Radio Africa EU Abeka Salmin Abdallah
Team DMA : Sensemielja Letitia SumterMarcel Maximiliaan Schwab

DMA Models Maritte en Romy.

You can follow the interview on the Youtube channel from Radio Africa

Some footage during the interview.

Diversity Model Agency & Diversity Fashion Week at Radio - Africa NL / Radio Africa EU Abeka Salmin Abdallah
Team DMA : Sensemielja Letitia SumterDaisy MinajMarcel Maximiliaan Schwab
You can follow the interview on the Youtube channel from Radio Africa


The video is completed, and we are excited to show our official video of DFW where we show you guys all kinds of beauty. 

After hard work and dedication , sweats and tears we are so proud of this video , models and team!

The story will never end as it will continue for our  Diversity Fashionweek19' March 22,23,24🎉

Drone Video Producer: Stoter Unlimited / Arwin Bhondoe

Is Nominated for the INC awards

V O T E !
We are so proud that we have been nominated for the INC awards. We are now promoted on their page INC Awards , please like and share!

This year the 'INC Awards' will be presented for the first time. Prizes for organizations that contribute to the acceptance of people with disabilities. An 'INC Award' is a compliment and encouragement at the same time! With the prize we celebrate that people with disabilities are increasingly more fully involved in our society. That is fantastic, but can be even better!


I N C A W A R D S 2 0 1 8 🏆!

It was amazing to meet different people with the same vision. Was a true honor to be present and see all those organisations including everyone! Special thanks to Joyce Heere who nominated us and gave us the opportunity to show ourselfs. Even though we did not won this will not stop us for including all kinds of different beauty's #allmodelsmatter

Diversitymodelagency-dma 🎈🎉

#Theroyalfamily #lovewhatwedo #promoDMA


Publication in Het parool

DMA models handing out flyers for our event during pride 2018!

We are super proud of the models as they were promoting themselves but also DMA by handing out flyers and perform a mini show on Amsterdam Central Station , make it your runway!