Diversity Fashion Week is non profit organization in the heart of Amsterdam.

With a well-organized but ambitious team of

editors, stylists, producers and marketing & sales employees

we take care of the event that takes place twice a year.

Diversity Fashion Week offers a platform for everybody.

The Diversity Fashion Week (DFW) officially founded in 2018. We take pride in infusing diversity in the fashion industry and our aim is to become the iconic show for diversity on the runway. Our mission is to show the world that beauty is not set in one standard but radiates through embracing our different features. 

Throughout our shows we aspire to express to our audience a message of beauty, diversity and unity. 


We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.


CEO - Founder - FACE



CEO - Founder - FACE

Head stylist / Catwalk coach / Head backstage coordinator

Sensemielja Letitia Sumter is a international top runway model and entrepreneur. Since she was young, she already knew what she wanted, and fashion became her passion. In 2018 she started the Diversity Fashion Week Foundation and is the co-owner of DMA (Diversity Model Agency) in which she supports the models with providing catwalk and posing classes. Sensemielja is very creative as she also worked as an Art Director for Nike and loves to do styling. Being an international mogul brought her to beautiful places such as New York, Kazakhstan, Paris, Milan, Dubai and many more inspiring places representing amazing designers and training the models worldwide to make them ready for several fashion events. In 2018, Sensemielja participated in becoming one of the finalists of Miss Amsterdam and won the title of Miss social media and ending up training the other missis for the next season. Sensemielja has never stopped dreaming and believes in her goals, she loves to be creative in every way, it doesn't matter how hard the road will be, believe work hard and have faith she quotes.

 DFW stands for everybody."

"Unique and being different makes you stand out!"


Videographer/Editor / Allround producer

Daisy is an upcoming videographer and editor and is one of the owners of Diversity Fashion Week. Since last year Daisy did some international fashion video jobs for different events.
Together with her life/work partner Sensemielja they decided that it's time to create a platform for more diversity, equality and unity.

We always say it doesn't matter if you’re black,white, gay, straight, come from a different country, or speak a different language... every single person is unique and meaningful.


Fashion- and interior Stylist - Fashion Designer - Fashion Activist

Kelly Sue started in 2014 as a fashion designer with her inclusive fashion brand SUE. She launched her first inclusive collection at Amsterdam FashionWeek in 2016. This journey brought her to a new mission.. She founded the SUE’s Warriors foundation in 2017. With the models of SUE, the Warriors, she wanted to change the image of people with visible disabilities and gain a more inclusive society by showing more diversity in fashion and media. On this journey she encountered Diversity FashionWeek and learned that her mission had a lot in common with their mission. SUE’s Warriors and Diversity FashionWeek started to cooperate at first, but now Kelly Sue has join the DFW-team and they’ve blended into one strong team that stands up for more diversity, equality and inclusion. 

Diversity is key to unity!!


A B O U T R O M Y H E E R E.

Romy is 12 years old and stands for people with a handicap.  She was nominated for Amsterdammertje ' from this year. And won the special media award not only that you can find her on bilboards for Handicap.nl on the highway and also, she plays in different movies and doing a lot of modeling jobs. She is also one of the models of Diversity Model Agency. Romy is a hard-working model, every pose is naturel, and she knows how to move and pose behind the camera.  Romy is determined and focused when it comes to slaying a runway or on a photo shoot that makes her a real professional kid's model, and a real diversity icon.

Professional Fashion & Glamour Photographer

Head Photographer at DFW

Marcel is a professional photographer and co-owner of DMA. He is no stranger in the fashion world. Making photos became his passion and is seen at various international fashion shows world wide. He works with BaroQco  and goes along to international fashion shows such as Paris Fashion Week ,Cannes Film Festival, Monte Carlo World Top Model. In the past he also organised various fashion shows in the RAI - Amsterdam and the Pasar Malam.

Professional stylist

Assistant stylist and coordinator at DFW

Clifftun Hoogland started his creative journey in 2021 by exploring his personal style and interests. Creating jewelry, customizing accessories and experimenting with unusual layers and colors. His intrigue with the endless possibilities in fashion landed him an internship with international designer Marjorie Fernandes in 2023. During that year, Clifftun has dedicated his time to learning as much as he could about the ins-and-outs of styling, runway coordinating, stage production and fashion event planning. His passion and commitment to learn and create only grew with each experience during different projects and fashion weeks, most notably Diversity Fashion Week. In this same year, Clifftun organized his first fashion event named Inspire - where he showcased much of what he has learned and loves to do. "I'm looking forward to joining the DFW-team! I believe in their message and enjoy the sense of community they create at their shows."

Fashion event manager and producer

 Event coordinator backstage at DFW

Nadia Sjahien is an aspiring fashion event manager and producer, currently studying Leisure & Event Management at Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. With a background as a stylist and designer, Nadia multidisciplinary approach allows her to understand and connect with everyone involved in a show. Her goal is to create a seamless experience for everyone, ensuring both participants and guests enjoy a beautiful production.


Join her on her exciting journey by following along on socials, where she often takes you behind the scenes!


Diversity Model Agency

Agency/ Partners

Models of Diversity

is the registered charity established in the UK to campaign for more inclusion and representation in the fashion, beauty and media industry

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Allie / partners

Sue started in 2014 as a fashion designer with her inclusive fashion brand SUE.

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We are a non-profit organization and with your support, Diversity Fashion Week foundation will work hard to ensure that everybody has given a fair chance, feel represented and valued.