Diversity Fashion Week is a non-profit organization in the heart of Amsterdam.

By organizing an annual event, the foundation wants to break through the "standard" image of (ideal) beauty. Together with the team and sponsors we can create awareness and provide a platform for all kinds of talent. Diversity in the fashion industry has grown exponentially in recent years, with a stronger focus on the representation of people of colour, plus size models and a range of sexual orientations and gender expressions. With this in mind, we think it is important to cultivate this growing change in the Fashion Industry, and make Diversity Fashion Week not only diverse but inclusive – allowing all types of models to express themselves and offer a platform for all talents.

In collaboration with Boo Art and Westcord Fashion Hotel we have created various spaces in the hotel with exclusive designs of pure handcrafted and sustainable clothing. We have joined forces to provide a platform for designers and their work. 

The exhibition will run from the 1th of June for 3 months and every 3 months we will vary in different designs from haute couture to ready to wear collections.  Here we celebrate the power, artistry and diversity of various attire and appearance, with around 20 looks of local designers in The Netherlands.

Throughout the hotel you will not only find a display of amazing designs but also various artwork of painters and photographers around the world. 

Soon we will host a official opening for all to see, can't wait? Visit Westcord Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam at Hendrikje Stoffelsstraat 1 1058GC. 

Want to collaborate for the next exhibition? Feel free to reach out via media@diversityfashionweek.nl for more information. 



BooART offers artists exhibition space! Every year they organize more than a hundred exhibitions. Many national and international visitors come to their locations, mostly hotels in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany. The locations are also freely accessible to the public almost throughout the day: this offers opportunities to invite guests to a exhibition. They offer all works for sale through the exhibition and also online. You have contact with a fixed point of contact, one of their consultants. In consultation with, their consultant will look at the location where your exhibition can take place and which works of art are suitable. BooART offers you the opportunity to decorate your walls with original art every year! Give your hotel, conference room or company a unique added value for  guests and staff. Because art inspires, motivates and contributes to a pleasant and atmospheric ambiance.



WestCord Fashion hotel, in collaboration with BooART and the Diversity Fashion week foundation, has launched a great initiative to dress 20 to 30 mannequins in varying styles every 3 to 4 months. All forms of fashion will be themed throughout the year from extravagant-suitable-sports and swimwear to lingerie. Fashion without borders and preference, in short, Diversity.

Both BooART and Diversity Fashion Week distinguish themselves by giving talented, unknown and well-known artists and designers, from all backgrounds, the opportunity to show themselves to a large diverse audience.

 Friday 22 July 2022 from 19:00 to 20:30

in WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam skybar.

Photos by Marcel maximiliaan schwabs.



Khadija Faraj

Ziza Creations

Mia Stik

Duc Design

Kasper Jongejan

Stephanie Willems


@erikknegt and @annie_sturing , 'designers from the North' and creative entrepreneurs in the arts. They discovered Art Markets and Galleries. Participation in Art Markets takes place in the Netherlands and Germany. 


 An enthusiastic collaboration with Micksart Collectief has developed in Emmen. Together with Erik Knegt, their creative buddy, they developed the MI & ANN label. They transform brand jeans jackets into Art jeans. In the Gallery they have set up a extra Atelier. Both the jackets and the bags are always unique! In addition, in Emmen there is a Gallery, Ateliers and an Art Square, together 1000 m2 of Art Experience. Every 8 weeks there is a surprising new Exhibition with accompanying Vernissage. Many different Workshops are also offered at Micksart Collectief.

Check out their website for more information 

www.micksartcollectief.com  www.annigje.com 


Khadija is a professional, qualified fashion designer. She makes Moroccan dresses Caftans, Takchitas, Jellabas, and all her designs are made by hand. She does not only make Moroccan dresses but also modern clothes , evening dresses, wedding dresses and also creates fashion for men and women of all different sizes and ages. It has been her dream for years to start her own clothing line and to open her own store. Throughout the experience she has participated in various shows such as Diversity Fashion Week in Amsterdam, Le Mans in France and in Morocco. 

Want to have a exclusive hand made dress for yourself or as a present then check out her Website


or follow her on Instagram @madebykhadija 


Abdul Aziz AKA ‘Ziza’ is a renowned Gambian Fashion Stylist and Designer under the brand Ziza Creations who has showcased his designs worldwide. Abdul Aziz also known as Ziza Creations has rolled in to fashion at a young age inspired by his mother who is a known stylist herself. He has showcased his designs for high-end fashion shows throughout Africa. Headquartered in Kololi, The Gambia, Ziza has displayed his artistry in many fashion shows including “Back-to-the Land Cultural Expo,” and Gambia Fashion Night at the Sheraton. His Excellency, the president of the Republic, Sheikh Professor Dr. Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh Nasiru Deen is very much supportive of the initiative and has supported Ziza prior creative endeavors.

You can check out his work on Instagram @zizacreation 

and if you are interested in his clothing or want a handmace piece feel free to contact us via diversityfashionweek@outlook.com


Designer: Mia Stik This design is made from recycled material. Mia has had her own fashion studio for over 22 years in which sustainability and reuse are paramount. She has been working with materials that have been written off for years. With the aim of reducing the fast fashion mountain of waste. For example, she uses second-hand clothing and lots of fashion surplus capacity, which would actually be incinerated. Other materials such as tents, sails, airbags, old leather sofas, festival banners and Denim are also part of her fashion collection.

She started the label Points Made in 2017. Because she has been working with students from Mbo and HBO for years, she saw that it is sometimes difficult for talented designers to produce or present their collection. By offering them the space tools and knowledge, they can release their own collection under the label. This must be made of recycled material. Fashion shows or exhibitions are regularly organized to show the creations. This is to encourage the public to buy more consciously and to have them look at clothing differently. Points Made forms its own movement in the fashion industry, with sustainable designers and products that are made with a completely different vision. Of course we are still in our infancy, but something has to change and our customers have to grow with it. 

Take a look at www.pointsmade.nl


Duc Nguyen was born in Vietnam, has lived in the Netherlands since 2004 and has his own fashion line since 2016. With his passion for design and creativity he makes beautiful evening dresses, the most beautiful bridal dresses and stylish business clothing. This all takes place in his studio in the heart of Rotterdam. Duc Nguyen combines different techniques and materials. Thanks to his years of experience as a fashion designer, he has the right knowledge to create unique and above all high-quality designs. This allows him to work very precisely, resulting in high-quality garments. This designer likes to work with his favorite materials such as lace, silk, cotton and chiffon for bridal gowns. In terms of technique, Duc likes to work by hand to give haute couture pieces an extra dimension, among other things, and to achieve the optimal result.

AWARDS Best Gala Avangarde 2016, 1st prize
Phone: 06 39344495
Email: modebyduc@gmail.com


Kasper Jongejan (1982), Amsterdam. Contemporary fashion designer and graffiti artist. Kasper Jongejan is a “street culture connoisseur” who mainly focuses on fashion and urban arts. His fashion designs are regularly exhibited and his graffiti work has been immortalized in various books and on various streets. The line between fashion and art is increasingly blurred and Kasper interprets this crossover entirely in his own way. Always looking for new shapes, materials and production developments keeps Kasper very busy. Creating more sustainability within the fashion industry is also high on his list. With one foot on the street and one foot in his design studio, Kasper works on various projects, collections and objects for various clients and target groups. 

Instagram: @kasper_jongejan Website: www.kasperjongejan.nl 

Every day I work to find the most sustainable solutions for my designs. I think it is important that my collections tell a story and I believe that every person has something unique and beautiful. 


Stephanie Willems

Designer: Stephanie Willems I am Stephanie Willems, the face behind the clothing brand Stephastique. A brand that produces sustainable handmade and custom made clothing in Maurik, the Netherlands. In 2018 I obtained my Bachelor of Arts by graduating from Artemis Academy. After graduating, I was an intern of fashion designer and seamstress Mirte Engelhard, where I learned about developing patterns and the craft of making clothes. At this moment I am studying to eventually become a teacher in making clothing. In 2019 I started my clothing label Stephastique. Determined to positively change the fashion industry. I am inspired by experimenting with second hand garments and materials. I think it's important to make people feel good when they wear my designs, and make them feel extra good, knowing that they are wearing something they shouldn't feel guilty about. I create my collections using upcycled second hand clothing and materials, fabric remnants and GOTS-certified fabrics. 

www.stephastique.com instagram.com

Stephastique +31 6 834 801 75 info@stephastique.com

Stephastique emphasizes individuality and uniqueness with distinct clothing inspired by an eclectic mix of different alternative styles and time periods. 

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