Diversity fashion week is a start-up located in the heart of Amsterdam.

With a well-organized but ambitious team of

editors, stylists, producers and marketing & sales employees

we take care of the event that takes place twice a year.

Diversity Fashion Week stands for all shades all shapes.

DFW is for everybody, that means we embrace diversity.

The real people behind it.

 . . D I V E R S I T Y F A S H I O N . .

 . . D I V E R S I T Y F A S H I O N . .


It’s no secret that the world looks to different cultures not only for inspirations on the runway and it’s time for US to be in the forefront whether people recognize it or not,


Lets own that spot by showing them what diversity really is. We will make a change in the fashion world. Our second Diversity Fashion Week will be unique, special and again really memorable.