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Download the form, fill it in and bring it to the casting. Don't forget to send us a copy via our online form or via

Casting date : 14 October 2023

Location: Paasheuvelweg 8 Amsterdam

Walk in Time : 11:00-15:30 PM

šƒš«šžš¬š¬ šœšØššž : All Black

Our casting is for all ages and all types of models no one will be  left out.


We are so excited to welcome you all for our open casting at EFE Venue

We are looking for all kinds of models. Our foundation is preparing for the 4th edition of Diversity Fashion Week where we give a platform for all kinds of talented designers and models international and national. During our shows we like to mix things up so no matter if you are a size more, have a physical difference or a disability, we welcome all models.



Casting date : 14 October 2023
Time : 11:00-15:30 PM

[Only if your selected]

Catwalktraining / Rehearsals 25/11 2023

Time: 12:00 / 14:00

Clothing requirements : Black outfit
For the ladies bring your heels

Casting models from  all ages .


2DEC 2023 Sneak peek

AUG 2024 Big edition.


For international models we will do a online video casting, only for the big edition  next year  via zoom.  Date will follow soon.

You can  already  apply via our website for more information.


Upon arrival, hand in your registration form to one of the employees of Diversity Fashion Week.

You will receive a number card, so place it in a visible area. The casting takes about 10 minutes depending on how many people are in front of you.

There will be 3 juries that will judge you on your walk.

You will not only be casted for the sneak peek but you also have the chance to be chosen for the big edition.

After your assessment, photos and videos will be taken of you with your number and without your number. Once the photos are taken, you are free to go.

You will then hear within 7/10 days whether you have been selected or not.

For international models ONLY or models living abroad

- Fill in the form
- Make a introduction video
- Show your profiles
- Show us your catwalk

When you are done with the video please upload it via the registration form with some pictures with face, full body.

Note : Videos or registrations that are not completed will not be viewed. 

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Nene Neema Ally
a month ago

I really want to be part of the team , to make an history of fashion together . Together we can reshape the world of fashion . Hope to see you soon
Nene Neema from tanzania 27yrs of age , fashion & beauty model , Dermatologists , Humanitarian founder of Nene foundation based in Tanzania . See u soon

2 months ago

I want to joy to this show. I have some experience I walked for Rotterdam fation week

2 months ago

I really want to develop in the modeling field, I have experience, I was at Rotterdam Fashion Week, Iā€™m from Ukraine