Join our inclusion revolution

We did not wanted to keep you all waiting to long therefore decided to host our annual sneak peek edition on 2 december 2023 as a build up for the big edition in 2024.

 By organizing an annual event, the foundation wants to break through the "standard" image of (ideal) beauty. Together with the team and sponsors we can create awareness and provide a platform for all kinds of talent.


Diversity in the fashion industry has grown exponentially in recent years, with a stronger focus on the representation of people of colour, plus size models and a range of sexual orientations and gender expressions. With this in mind, we think it is important to cultivate this growing change in the Fashion Industry, and make Diversity Fashion Week not only diverse but inclusive – allowing all types of models to express themselves and offer a platform for all talents. This is why we are launching our big event next year for 4 days long, to allow all people of all races, shapes and sizes to feel supported, as we seek to break through an industry full of stereotypes.

Like many #consumers, people with a disability simply want to be able to shop in physical or online stores and find clothing they like and that fits. So while technology is helping #retailers offer an increasing range of #adaptive clothing, it is not the only solution.


Throughout our #shows we aspire to express to our audience a message of #beauty, diversity and #unity.

Show date : 2/12/2023
Location : Paas 8 @paas8/@efevenue Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Time : 18:00 t/m 20:00
Theme : Extravaganza sneak peek edition.

Designer Showcasing :

Halleluja Kimono


Khadija Faraj

Sandhya Manniesing

Bolley Clothing


Hanna Broer

B fashion Designers

Break and entertainment in between by Demmaa & Javé, Queen + a special wheelchair dance performance.

We are eager to welcome you all and celebrate love, equality, fashion and sustainability.  Get the chance to meet other professionals in the industry, and we will see you soon!