Welcome to the pinnacle of fashion innovation and inclusivity – Diversity Fashion Week 2024. This year, we’re embracing the theme of "Extravaganza," celebrating the limitless creativity and diverse talents that the fashion world has to offer. From the avant-garde to the classic, from the bold to the subtle, Diversity Fashion Week is where the future of fashion takes shape, in all its varied forms and splendor.


Location: Loods 6 Amsterdam/ Doors open: 15:00  / Start show: 16:00 

The curtain rises on Diversity Fashion Week with an exclusive focus on the visionaries of tomorrow – our children. Day 1 is dedicated entirely to a Kids Show, a first-of-its-kind platform that not only showcases the ingenuity of upcoming and established designers but does so through the lens of youth. This day is a testament to our belief that fashion is a universal language, spoken fluently by even the youngest among us.

Featuring Upcoming and Established Designers

Prepare to be mesmerized by a lineup that blends the fresh, unfiltered creativity of emerging designers with the refined, sophisticated visions of established names in fashion. Each designer, with their unique style, contributes to fashion that transcends age and trends. This is not just a fashion show; it's a bold statement of diversity, innovation, and the boundless possibilities of creativity.

A Unique Style for Every Young Visionary

The Kids Show on Day 1 promises an array of styles that cater to every taste and personality. From eco-friendly and sustainable fashion that speaks to the conscious young mind, to dazzling couture pieces that dream big – every collection tells a story, every piece a testament to the imagination and spirit of youth. This is where fashion meets fun, fantasy, and the future.

Designers : B.proud, Ziza Creations, Colourful Goodies, Mystic Fantasy Creations, Halleluja Kimono, Annie Sturing.

______DAY2 BIG EDITION 2024_____

Location: Loods 6 Amsterdam/ Doors open:16:00  / Start show:17:00 

Diversity Fashion Week 2024: A Mosaic of Styles and Ages.

Welcome to Day 2 of Diversity Fashion Week 2024, where our theme "Extravaganza" continues to unfold in a spectacular celebration of fashion's boundless beauty and diversity. On this day we delve into a unique and captivating experience – the Mixed Show Day. It's a vibrant showcase that transcends the conventional boundaries of fashion shows, bringing together an eclectic mix of kids, teens, and adults on a single, dynamic runway.

Embracing Diversity in Every Form

Diversity Fashion Week is more than just a fashion event; it's a movement towards inclusivity, creativity, and innovation. Day 2 epitomizes this vision by featuring a diverse array of models and collections, reflecting the real world in all its varied splendor. This day is dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of every individual, regardless of age, showcasing how fashion can be a universal language that connects us all.

A Fusion of Generations and Styles

The Mixed Show Day is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of fashion. It highlights how trends and designs can evolve and be interpreted across different ages, bringing a fresh perspective to traditional concepts. From the playful and imaginative collections for kids to the edgy and bold designs for teens, and the sophisticated, timeless pieces for adults, the runway will be a kaleidoscope of styles, all under one roof.

Designers : UNTAG, Violetta Riedel, Annie Sturing, Anu Fashion, Joella Veräjänkorva, Ziza Creations


Location: Loods 6 Amsterdam  / Doors open: 17:00 / Start show: 18:00

Prepare to be captivated by the epitome of fashion artistry on Day 3 of Diversity Fashion Week 2024. Our theme, "Extravaganza," reaches its zenith with a day devoted entirely to high-end couture fashion. This is where the craftsmanship of tailoring, the beauty of fabrics, and the audacity of design converge to create fashion that transcends the ordinary, turning garments into masterpieces of art.

A Showcase of Couture Mastery

Day 3 is a celebration of the extraordinary, a tribute to the incredible skill and creativity of couturiers who spend countless hours perfecting each garment. This is the realm of bespoke fashion, where every stitch tells a story, and every fabric choice is a testament to luxury. From breathtaking gowns to meticulously tailored suits, the runway will be adorned with creations that exemplify the pinnacle of fashion design.

Transforming the Venue into an "Extravaganza"

The venue for Day 3 will be nothing short of spectacular, transforming into a living embodiment of our "Extravaganza" theme. Expect an immersive environment that complements the grandeur and elegance of couture fashion, creating a mesmerizing backdrop that enhances the visual feast on display. Every element, from lighting to décor, will be carefully curated to provide an unforgettable experience for attendees, designers, and models alike.

Featuring the Crème de la Crème of Designers

Diversity Fashion Week 2024 is honored to host an exclusive lineup of the world's most esteemed couture designers. These are the visionaries who push the boundaries of fashion, blending traditional techniques with innovative ideas to produce garments of unmatched beauty and complexity.

Designers : Nicola Fatale, B.Proud, Juliia Solodova, Halleluja Kimono, Justine de Riedmatten, SharonSimone

As Diversity Fashion Week 2024 draws to a close on Day 4, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable final day, encapsulating the spirit of diversity, creativity, and unity that has defined our week-long celebration of fashion. This day is dedicated to not only reflecting on the week's inspirations and achievements but also to looking forward to the future of fashion with hope and excitement.

Morning to Afternoon: Engaging Workshops by STEVEN BLANCO.

The day kicks off with a series of interactive workshops designed to inspire, educate, and engage. These sessions cover a range of topics from sustainable fashion practices to the future of digital fashion, led by industry experts, renowned designers, and influential activists. 

Important note is that you have to bring your own blank t-shirt or other piece of clothing like a denim jeans or jacket that you wish to upcycle. The workshop is led by Steven Blanco, an independent clothing brand based in the Netherlands. Founded in late 2017, the brand focuses on combining hand-painted artworks on clothing to produce unique and timeless items with emotional depth for anyone who loves and enjoys art.

Doors open 13:00
Start workshop 13:30

Afternoon: An Exposition of SARA LI

Following the workshops, immerse yourself in an exposition that showcases the groundbreaking work of diverse designers from across the globe. This is an opportunity to experience up-close the creativity and innovation that have been the hallmark of Diversity Fashion Week 2024. The exposition will feature exclusive collections, avant-garde pieces, and tech-driven fashion, providing a glimpse into the future of the industry.

Doors open : 13:00
Exposition by Sara Li, fine art photographer published in VOGUE and based in Rotterdam.

Come and witness the exclusive collection from Halleluja Kimono throughout the day.

Join Us for a Memorable Conclusion

Let's come together to close off this season of Diversity Fashion Week 2024 with joy, reflection, and a renewed sense of purpose. Here's to the future of fashion, inspired by diversity and driven by creativity.

Evening: Festive Celebration & presentation from BLINKS 3D FASHION DESIGNER GIOVANNA Marçallo Thereza, AND GIANCARLO PAZZANESE Lecturer Creative Business / Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

Description: Giovanna & Giancarlo will combine a presentation of Giancarlo about inclusion in Fashion and gaming with the project of Giovanna where her virtual influencer in a wheelchair called Blinks is the main character of a fashion game.

As the sun sets, the atmosphere shifts to celebration, marking the successful conclusion of Diversity Fashion Week 2024 in collaboration with Joyful Events. The evening will commence with a festive gathering, where attendees, fashionista's, insiders, designers, models, and organizers come together to celebrate the achievements of the week. Expect an ambiance filled with music, dance, and performances that reflect the rich cultures and styles represented throughout the week.

Doors open : 20:00 - 01:00
Dresscode : Extravaganza

Location: EFEVENUE
Paasheuvelweg 8, 1105BJ Amsterdam
Free parking

Doors open : 13:00 - 16:30


Networkparty : 20:00 -01:00
You can register beforehand via media@diversityfashionweek.nl or check the donation options via Eventbrite.


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