Wens Fashion'

We are excited to announce to have Arzu Sonmez as one of our biggest sponsors to make our opening even more EPIC and mysterious πŸ”₯!!.


Arzu sees fashion as a form of expression. In the year of 2000 she designed numerous diverse clothing. In 2015 she became known for a big audience with her own haute-couture line.

Honored to have her designs to make our show even more thrilling. More about Arzu and her brand , feel free to take a look on https://arzusonmez.nl/Wensfashion Rotterdam

Stay tuned
Ticketsale will start soon

Shandhya Manniesing

New Designers Coming soon...

Epic designer Pearl!

Welcome to the Diversity Family epic designer Pearl!

The collection speaks for itself.

Amazing haute couture made with a lot of passion and love.

Her designs are called : Miss Pearl Couture,

she magnifies femininity working with fine materials,

delicate embroideries with outstanding quality.

She builds her fairytale creations using various designs,

exclusive resources, whilst maintaining a form of sophistication."

We hope you are all ready as you will see her designs shine on 25th and 26th May.


So stay tunedπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

International designer  Fall Prov βœ¨πŸ‘‡

Let's welcome our international super talented designerπŸ₯ : Fall Prov βœ¨πŸ‘‡

Mamadou FALL, Senegalese international stylist, Director of the Fallprov brand. The brand Fall Prov has been seen in several events such as international fashion Festival African (FIMA) November 2013 Niger, Africa mode Niger 2013, FIMOG 2014 Guinée konacry, Africa reception Paris 2015, Saint-Louis fashion week 2016 Senegal, Lomé fashion week 2016 Togo, Evala fashion show Togo, Africa fashion week Amsterdam August 2016, and many more.

His brand is known for a high level of haute-couture.This year they will still renew their efforts to make our event beautiful with a high level collection. Especially for our show he will make a kids collection.

Stay tuned, and bring your friends and let us guide you through our magical event. buy your ticket now for Day 2 & 3 πŸŽ« !! www.diversityfashionweek.nl

 Designer Duc Nguyen

We are excited to welcome our next fashionable designer Duc Nguyen! πŸ₯

Duc Nguyen was born in Vietnam, and has been living in the Netherlands since 2004 and has had his own fashion line since 2016. With his passion for design and creativity, he makes beautiful evening dresses, the most beautiful wedding dresses and stylish business clothing. This all takes place in his studio in the heart of Rotterdam. Duc has won the first price for ' Best Gala Avangarde 2016 '. We are honored to have such a diverse and amazing designer joining our show on 26-05-2019. 
Tickets available soon.

More about this EPIC designer : https://ducdesign.eu/blog/

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Designer Papino creation

Papino Creations from Senegal: Pope S. Diouf aka Papino Creation is known for being "The dresser of stars". Since he entered in 2003 in fashion design and modeling, Papino has gradually made a name for himself. His name is immediately glued to that of many musicians,politicians,sportsmen,comedians and artists of all kinds. His clothing is also made for kids, adults and all sizes. His favorite material is the jeans,linen and bazin which he spins and magically weaves into damina and big thread. His perfect sandblasting technique has traveled the name Papino all over Africa.

Lets give him a warm welcome and be the witness of his amazing collection! Papino planned to showcase on Diversity Fashion Week 24,25,26 May 2019!

Designer Natascha Breda

We proudly present our second designer NBO DESIGNSπŸŽ‰

Natascha Breda is the owner and designer of the NBO Designs label. From a young age she already has 1 passion and that is fashion. As a little girl she was already behind her mother's sewing machine or was drawing designs. After training in styling and design and training to be a Fashiondesigner she started her label NBO Designs in 2016. Twice a year a collection is released and she is currently busy with making a new epic line.

The designs are all unique and exclusive, she makes 2/3 pieces of each design so that it remains exclusively exclusive. The designs of NBO Designs are characterized by the extra feminine appearance.

You can also go visit in her studio in Rotterdam for a handmade design that is made especially for you.

The clothing is available online via the website
Www.nbodesigns.nl , also through the etsy store of NBO Designs and by appointment in her studio in Rotterdam.

She gets her inspiration from nature, especially flowers, travel, classical music, old films. People's stories, behind each design is also a story.
She thinks this is so beautiful about the creative profession, that is where you get and take on all the passion of life. Le'ts welcome NBO Design πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Designer Abdul Aziz Aka Ziza

Creator of Ziza Creations for our Diversity Fashion Week 24,25,26 May 2019! 


Ziza's in fashion began at a tender age inspired by his mother who is a known stylist herself. He has showcased his designs for high-end fashion shows throughout Africa. Headquartered in Kololi, The Gambia, Ziza has displayed his artistry in many fashion shows including “Back-to-the Land Cultural Expo,” and Gambia Fashion Night at the Sheraton. His Excellency, the president of the Republic, Sheikh Professor Dr. Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh Nasiru Deen is very much supportive of the initiative and has supported Ziza prior creative endeavors.

Designer Kimberly Stark.

The name says it all. Known as a outgoing women from Chicago. She is a celebrity designer with a huge heart and has a fierce talent! Her designs come with a sexy , fiery edge. The inspiration comes naturally , she can make anything out of nothing. Miss Stark has done shows accros the USA such as NYFW, PDX London, Italian Fashion week. You want to know more about her take a look on Couture Oforiwa Fashion Design

The fashion industry will be on the tip of their seats as she's preparing a very thrilling show that will be breath taking, and let the designs speak for them self. Its a true honour to have her attending Diversity Fashion Week.


Designer Khadija Faraj

Designer Kevin Leslie

Designer Ernia  Santawie'