Kids : from 6-18 y/o
Adults : 18 y/o - 100 y/o

Clothing requirements : ALL WHITE !!
Girls bring your high-heels !!

As a foundation we strive for equality and more diversity on the runway. We offer a platform for all ages, (upcoming) designers and all kinds of models. We hereby to aspire in embracing all kinds of beauty. #IAMDIVERSITY

A unique event where there is place for all shades, shapes and models with disabilities. Throughout our shows we share a message in unity with the audience and the world to include everybody. Together we can make a change.

F O R I N T E R N A T I O N A L M O D E L S  ( O N L Y )


For models who are not able to join our casting on the 30th of May due to living abroad

can send us a online casting form including catwalk video. This is only exceptional for models overseas.

Requirements : set card with full details
Dress code VIDEO : White

After sending ALL complete details we and our jury will deliberate you application.

Email :

Come to our casting call looking your best. Choose a white outfit with nice and classic shoes no sneakers and for the ladies it is important to bring your heels.

Do not wear a lot of make-up as we want to see all the models as natural as possible. So leave out the heavy make-up and come looking fresh and clean. The same applies for male models. If you have a portfolio or comp card please bring it with you.

This is a open casting call. So, don't be afraid to show us your authentic and diverse beauty.

When you arrive you will be handed a registration form and will be given a number. The registration form needs to be handed out to one of the jury members. There will be a jury of 5 members all with experience in the fashion industry. After introducing yourself the jury will ask you to walk a few times. We will make pictures and videos for our database. After 7 days you will receive an email from us with the results. Please also check your spam folder! If you are chosen the pictures will be used for promotion, so a little make up is allowed.

What do we expect from you?

- Please come on time and be prepared.

- For information about us and our event can be found on our website and the event page on Facebook.

- Dresscode is strict as our theme is Winter Wonderland.


P.S the casting is downstairs in the meeting room.

If you can't find it please ask the reception.

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Francesca San Juan
9 days ago

Interested as a model.
14 y/o
Based in London